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Do I Need A Georgia DUI Attorneys?

Do I Need a Georgia DUI Lawyer?

A lot of people who are arrested for a DUI assume that they don't need a lawyer. Unfortunately, these are the same individuals who suffer from the maximum punishment allowed by law for their DUI offense. Don't risk your future by representing yourself in a DUI case. Instead, seek professional assistance from an attorney who understands DUI laws, proceedings and can ensure your rights are protected every step of the way.

Initial Arrest
The initial arrest is the most crucial time for an attorney. More often than not, DUI cases that go to court should have never made it there to begin with. Had the individual utilized proper representation, he or she would have been able to avoid court altogether. Most DUI arrests occur without a proper blood test to verify whether or not the person was actually over the legal limit. Since a field sobriety test is subject to scrutiny and holds a high chance of human error, having an individual who can question the initial arrest can be favorable in the long run.

Bail, Arraignment and Plea Bargains
Most DUI cases do not have to go to court. The only reason they do is because the individual facing charges does not have reliable representation. During the bail hearing, having a qualified attorney can help since most first offenses can be let go without bail. Second and third offenses will require bail, but you can receive a smaller bail amount if a trained professional can plead on your behalf.

During arraignment you will need to plead “guilty” or “not guilty”. Though this is obvious enough, your defense attorney can devise a strategy before your plea, which he or she will then utilize in court to lessen your charges or dismiss them altogether.

In the event your case will require a plea bargain, representing yourself will limit when it comes to knowledge of minimum sentencing or having a sentence pushed down to a lesser offense. A skilled DUI attorney can typically plead out a case without a DUI charge ever going through and instead move the charges down to a reckless driving incident. Reckless driving, though still a charge, carries lesser punishments and will not follow you around the rest of your life.

Trial and Pre-Trial Motions
If your DUI case goes to trial, you cannot try to defend yourself alone. Not only do you not fully understand the legal proceedings that occur within a trial, but you will not know how to defend yourself against motions from the prosecution or how to file pre-trial motions to exclude damaging evidence. A trained professional can analyze each aspect of your case and ensure that evidence in question is brought up to the courts and most likely, dismissed.

The courts want to hand out the maximum punishment; therefore, you need an attorney who can not only defend your rights, but defend your future against punishments that are not warranted in the circumstances of your DUI case. Contact The Law Offices of Kimberly Berry today for a free, no obligation consultation and protect your future from a charge that will follow you for the rest of your life.