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Kimberly Ann Berry is a DUI attorney based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Since the start of her career, Kimberly Ann Berry has been able to successfully represent individuals charged with DUI crimes and other drug or alcohol-related crimes for both misdemeanor and felony offenses. Ms. Berry has experience with conducting trial hearings and motions throughout the state of Georgia and she respectfully maintains an aggressive defense approach for all of her clients, regardless of status, guilt or monetary compensation.

On top of providing a valuable defense in the court against DUI charges, Ms. Berry also provides her clients with representation during driver's license suspension hearings that are prosecuted by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.

Graduating from Vanderbilt University School of Law, Ms. Berry left with the honor of Dean's Scholar. Ms. Berry carries an undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia and first entered into her legal career as a public defender after being selected for the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council Honors Program.

In 2011, Ms. Berry certified in the DUI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing through the NHTSA curriculum as a means for assisting her clients in receiving the best defense during their own DUI proceedings. She regularly consults legal professionals and law enforcement officials on standard practices when it comes to DUI charges and investigations as well as keeps up-to-date on the latest DUI detection methods.

Kimberly Ann Berry is highly committed to providing her clients with the personal attention they deserve, whether they are guilty or not. She works hard to receive a favorable outcome for each of her clients without ever jeopardizing or changing her own ethical standards. Ms. Berry strives to knock down charges to reckless driving or less in order to give her clients a second chance to get on with their lives and not have their records ruined with a DUI conviction.

Currently The Law Offices of Kimberly Berry focus on defending drivers accused of DUI crimes, minor possession charges, underage consumption, furnishing alcohol to minors, possession of marijuana or other illegal substances, probation violations, public drunkenness, open container violations, serious injury and DUI accident charges.

Some of the best attorneys in the field of DUI defense have recognized Ms. Berry and her dedication to her clients. As one of the premier defense attorneys in the Georgia area, Kimberly Ann Berry strives to maintain her reputation and give her clients the valuable defense they deserve.

Contact The Law Offices of Kimberly Berry today if you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI or other drug and alcohol-related crime. Ms. Berry offers free, no obligation consultations to discuss your case and get to know you so that you are comfortable with the legal representation you have selected in your defense.